Find 3x more
high-profit items
to sell on Amazon

Introducing the most accurate Amazon arbitrage software for serious FBA sellers. Machine learning algorithms help you discover products other sellers can’t see.
Never miss a BIG opportunity ever again.

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Discover what to buy, how much to buy and when to buy it

Your working memory can store and analyze about 4 pieces of information at any moment.

So how are you supposed to compare 10+ billion items to find that ONE high-profit arbitrage opportunity?

Proprietary algorithms power the Prodicty scanning engine, to analyze hundreds of data points across billions of potential items and help you find the biggest winners in seconds.

Then our machine learning recommendation engine crunches price history, volume data, seasonal trends, profit potential and more to give you actionable recommendations to help maximize profit and minimize risk.

Prodicty empowers you to make more money with online arbitrage:

Enhanced item search

Source winning products

Prodicty's proprietary search algorithm analyzes over 100 data points to accurately identify 370% more items to sell on Amazon. Don't miss out on high-profit items because your software can't find them.​

Smart recommendations

Minimize your risk

The machine learning recommendation engine analyzes dozens of historical & current data points to help you pick more winners. Get advice on when to buy, quantities, pricing & more.

Reporting Dashboard

Track your rising profits

Watch your profits grow in real-time with a simple performance dashboard. Track your gains over time and easily analyze of all your purchases to see which items put cash in the bank.

Is your online arbitrage software missing the biggest opportunities?

What did we find when we ran a test of our search algorithm vs the 2 leading online arbitrage solutions?

Out of 1,000 items, the other solutions found less than 50% of the items.

And nearly 50% of the items they found didn’t correctly match the items on Amazon.

In the end, Prodicty found 815 FBA-valid items. The best competitor found 250.

That’s 340% MORE items for you to choose from!

Just imagine what you could do with access to 3.5x more opportunities…

Platform A
Platform B
428 / 1,000
468 / 1,000
995 / 1,000

How to hit $10k+/month consistently on Amazon

Speed and accuracy are how you create big profits as an Amazon reseller.

But how you can you win if you’re looking at the same products as your competition every day?

Whether it’s inaccurate search platforms or curated “leads lists” , you’ll never make big profits copying the same strategy as everyone else.

Prodicty gives you the power to find products your competitors miss and powerful insights into which items are likely to produce ROI.

Our smart recommendation engine will suggest which items to buy, when to buy them, how much to purchase and more.

Prodicty has all the tools you need to grow profit and
track your success on Amazon

  • Search for products in 1,000's of online stores
  • Get the most accurate results that match Amazon ASINs
  • Instantly scan & search entire wholesaler catalogs
  • See up-to-the-minute product & price data (no cached search results)
  • Filter search results to find the best deals quickly and easily
  • Flag items with category or brand restrictions
  • Get exclusive advice on when, where & how much to purchase
  • See historical rank & price data
  • Reverse search individual Amazon items to find buying opportunities
  • See historical rank & price data
  • Track item-level P&L on your integrated reporting dashboard
  • Visualize your progress as you crush your monthly and annual goals

COMING SOON - Never miss a great deal again!
Search 1,000's of online stores quickly & accurately.

Just a few years ago, on Amazon was easy

All it took was a little hustling, some quick thinking and a seller account and you could be raking in
thousands (or tens of thousands) every single month.

There were fewer sellers.

Less restrictions.

And no easy-to-use resources for finding high-profit items.

But it’s much harder to make big money on Amazon today.

It’s true whether you’re a 5-year FBA veteran or a first-timer just testing the waters…

The market is saturated with sellers (over 16 million of them). There are bloody battles for the
Buy Box. And a rogue kamikaze seller can wipe out your profits with a single desperate price drop.

FACT: You won’t grow your Amazon sales to $10k/month today chasing down the same leads as every other seller.

Paid leads lists and top-secret Facebook groups turn you on to GREAT opportunities, only to have
hoards of other “insiders” crash the party and blow up your big score.
And online arbitrage search tools?
Well, if you’ve tried them, you know how frustrating it is to throw away half of your results…
But we’ve run the tests.
And the existing online arbitrage tools we’ve seen all max out at around 25% accuracy. That means…

You’re leaving 75% of your money-making opportunities on the table.

How do you expect to make it into the top 1% of sellers if you’re not seeing on 75% of your
It’s simple— you won’t.
And that’s where Prodicty comes in:

Our advanced algorithms find more matches and more ACCURATE matches to uncover up to (that your competitors are missing).

So you can find more of those 50%+ margin “unicorns” that make your bank account swell.

Plus, you’ll get smart, data-driven recommendations that help you maximize your profit and
minimize risk, so you can stop doubting yourself and predict winners with confidence.

To top it off, you’ll get an integrated and easy-to-use reporting dashboard where you can track your
profits on each item. And your overall growth. Without the cost and hassle of a separate reporting
The best part?

Prodicty is available by invitation only.

We’re offering Prodicty only through networks of sellers that we know personally.

So when you sign up, you will join an exclusive group of sellers with a huge competitive edge.

Say goodbye to pushing and shoving for the same old deals with millions of other sellers.

It’s like getting the keys to a 1,000,000sqft warehouse packed to the ceiling with products that only
you and a few others can access.

And our recommendation engine is your guide to this treasure trove of off-the-radar opportunities.

It can help you eliminate high-risk purchases, find opportunities for huge profits, lower your risk
and score bigger wins more often.

It could be the breakthrough moment your business has been looking for.

It was for me…

I built Prodicty to succeed where other online arbitrage software has failed.

I’m Nir Cohen, the co-founder of Prodicty.

I’ve been working in retail and online arbitrage for years.
I’ve helped thousands of people get started selling online
through my highly-successful Sponsored Products Mastercourse.

And, of course, I sell online myself.

As our business grew over the past few years, my team
and I got fed up with the process of scraping through poor
quality search results from online arbitrage search engines.

We were wasting hours and hours every week.

And it definitely wasn’t scalable.

So we started developing Prodicty to help us grow.

Nir Cohen, co-founder, CEO & online sales expert

"There has to be a better way to find high-profit arbitrage opportunities."

We started with a very simple theory:
There has to be a better way to find high-profit arbitrage opportunities.
We were paying for multiple tools each month, comparing results, wading through inaccurate data and still
making good money every month.
But didn’t there have to be an easier, more profitable way?

Well, now there is. Prodicty is the most accurate online arbitrage search engine ever built.

We’ve used it to help us drive over 7-figures in arbitrage revenue over the past 12 months.
And the smart recommendation engine saves us hours every week by helping us focus items that will return
big profits.
I believe that Prodicty will be the difference-maker for serious Amazon sellers worldwide, helping turn
hundreds into thousands and thousands into fortunes.

And, of course, the first users to join will get the most benefit from finding new deals first.
So request your invitation today and start finding the high-profit deals you’ve been missing.

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